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Our suppliers

Ukrainian company "Orion" specializiruetsya on the production of children's toys from plastic.

This is a rapidly developing and rapidly expanding the production capacity of the company.

Orion was founded in 1992. For more than twenty five years the company Orion produces interesting toys for children. Modern technology, qualified personnel and fresh ideas help the company to retain its leading position in the toy market of Ukraine and CIS countries. Products have European, Russian and national quality certificates and fully comply with European environmental standards.


Company VLADI TOYS is the famous leader in Ukraine. The company produces educational and leisure games. VLADI TOYS trademark is:

1.       High quality and ecologically clean material for the games’ production.

2.       Professional approach to the development (methodists, psychologist) and production (designers, technologists) of games.

3.       Bright and colorful pictures and kind characters, fascinating games and tasks of different level of complexity – all of these help to develop logic, creative thinking, coordination of movement, small hands movements, mechanical and arbitrary memory, visual perception, patience and attention. With VLADI TOYS games your child gets comprehensive harmonious development.

VLADI TOYS educational games are produced together with the specialists of Children Educational Center of G.R. Kadinburg (G.R. Kadinburg is a child psychologist and teacher, author of a unique educational game technique “ABC of Life Success”), experimental primary school founder.

The main topics and skills are combined and systematized in games which every child should learn in early and preschool age. In game process your child develops small hands movements which have a positive impact on speech development, sensory perception, logical thinking and imagination.

Trefl Company is the largest producer of puzzles and educational games in Europe.

Our company is the official and exclusive supplier of Trefl product in the territory of Belarus.

Trefl -founded in 1985 by a Polish company specializing in producing puzzles for all ages. Classic cardboard jigsaw puzzles, 3D puzzles, holographic puzzles-all this and more makes up most of the product "Trefl. Tags for puzzles is Trefl scenery, castles, animals, etc., and for children company offers puzzles with characters from popular cartoons Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network. Trefl has many well-known licenses such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Barbie Fairytopia, the Magic of Pegasus and Tom and Jerry.

Can you recommend Trefl product as a gift, and for family leisure-for both adults and children. The game marks Trefl guarantee many hours of interesting and creative, while completely safe games. All the products of the company are made of Trefl material of the highest quality and meet the highest standards. Trefl is the emotions experienced by the community.

Wofu и Chuang Heng Toys

Wofu and Chuang Heng Toys

The best China manufacturers

Toys are one of the main activities of Chinese manufacturers. 8 out of 10 toys with which children play around the world, produced in China. At present, the Chinese market has about 6000 plants and factories producing toys.

Chinese manufacturers are closely watching market trends of children's toys and let out as the classic dolls and stuffed toys, and interactive, intelligent toys, toys-robots.

The toys, made in China, combine three important qualities that attract buyers from all over the world — range, quality and price. All brands are certified on the safety of products.

TM LAM since 1992, manufactures toys children wooden used for the development of logical thinking in children of preschool age. Toys are manufactured by in Italy developed the Montessori system with the use of finishing materials, varnishes, paints and applying them to the plywood by screen printing. TM LАM is the only in the Republic of Belarus the enterprise carrying out the production according to the above technology. The production is carried out strict quality control starting from incoming inspection of materials, process quality control in the production process and final quality control and quantity acceptance of final products to the warehouse.

Production company VISMA is a designer and manufacturer of educational games and creative kits for children from 3 to 16 years. Manufacturing allows you to combine low prices and high quality products. The main goal is the development of the market of children's educational toys that are varied and interesting toys help children learn about the world, and stimulate their logical, creative thinking and imagination. The company started its history in 2004. Embodying the idea of the designer in the technological production line, it produces 16 products designers of these blocks. Developed special tools and equipment to the equipment which allow to produce such a miniature construction details. Production company VISMA produces not only the designers "Brickmaster", but for tests and experiments of the brand "Innovation for children," "Young chemist", "Young perfumer", "Young gardener", "Magic crystals", "Candle Studio", "Soap workshop", "Bomb Pop" and "Clay". The products are of high quality and certified

TM Aktamir - Gomel toys factory, which was founded in December 1969 and is an enterprise specialized in the production of soft toys,carnival costumes.



Belkukla" - the only enterprise in Belarus, specializing in the production of dolls for children. The company was founded in 1953, released the doll from pressed wood mass. Currently, the company produces modern doll  polyethylene. The product range consists of over 150 items, ranging in height from 90 to 600 mm. Dolls of different styles of clothing with drawing and closing the eyes can satisfy various tastes of consumers.


"Zabava" is a Belarusian company producing toys "Zabava" began its work in may 2010, and today, thanks to the high quality, competitive prices and a wide range, the products "Zabava" is popular in stores across the country and abroad. "Zabava" offers not only a selection, but also high quality products one hundred percent pure raw material of polystyrene and polypropylene. All products have passed sanitary tests, which confirmed by certificates of conformity of Belarus and Russia.

Intellectico is a Russian manufacturer of children's creative and intellectual development kits.Intellectico products are presented in the largest chain stores in the Russian market and in neighboring countries.The Intellectico production site has the international certification ISO 9001: 2008, is based in the Moscow region and lets out production as under own brand


Добрые игрушки -the Russian company is engaged in wholesale of Board games for children.The range of over 150 types of table games own production under the brand names of TOP Play and Good Toys.


BIBALINA - Russian supplier of educational toys.


                The Russian company "ROSMEN" produces licensed toys of the highest quality and from safe materials. Toys are intended for development of imagination, logic, speech skills, coordination of movement, color perception and many other important qualities and abilities.

            ТМ Baffy – children's products for entertainment and bathing in the bathroom.



                    "ЭРА" produces educational toys, creative and family kits.


BIG Master has the exclusive rights to sell the brand to CUT THE ROPE on territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Om Nom is a little green monster who loves adventure and delicious food. The popularity of Am Nyamu came through the game.


Company "BIG-Master" in its product portfolio has about 20 of its own brands: