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Our team


Procurement department

It is very important to offer goods that are in high demand! It is this essential function which is provided by our procurement department thanks to experience, knowledge, good taste and professional acumen of its employees.


Department of Foreign Trade (foreign eco nomic activity)

Department of Foreign Trade is directly involved in the conclusion of contracts with suppliers, provides documentation of cargoes, their escorts, customs clearance and certification in accordance with the legislation of the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

Sales department

The Sales Department of the Company was formed from the very beginning of and the Company and has always been the core of a profitable component of the Company. Today and always the main objective of our sales team is to meet the needs of customers at the best prices. Department staff make contact with customers, advise on product range, help to make requests or make an order. Every year the volume of sales increases: sales of our range of products expand, as well as the number our partners and future plans!




Department of transport and logistics

The department organizes trouble-free transportation for our customers, improvement of vehicle use, increase in its efficiency. The transportation department has the optimal number of our own vehicles, which allows us to meet our contractual obligations as soon as possible. Delivery drivers undergo mandatory training and ensure the highest possible customer service.

Accounting and operations department

It is a structural unit of the logistics department. Department provides receiving, processing, storage and accounting of documents generated in the course Company’s activity, transfer of documents for archiving. In addition, the department provides a complete acquisition of the necessary documents in accordance with current legislation.


Department of financial accounting and control

Department conducts monitoring of mutual settlements with all buyers and suppliers of goods and services.

Department of warehousing

  It is a structural unit of the logistics department. Warehouse staff ensures prompt unloading, quality composing and loading of goods, as well as counting and recording of goods received by the number and range, compliance with the conditions of storage of goods and inventory accounting


The main purpose of the department is to provide accounting of operational and financial activities of the Company, interaction with state tax authorities, contractors and financial institutions within its jurisdiction, payment in the manner specified by internal documents of the Company.

Support service

The service provides trouble-free operation of office equipment, all necessary software, it also conducts ongoing modernization of equipment and improvement of software

Legal service

Provides observation of laws by the Company and protection of its legal interests, preparation and legal review of internal documents of the Company. It also provides legal assistance to business units, conducts HR records keeping. The department is also engaged in claim-related work, preparation and transfer of the necessary materials to judicial and arbitral bodies, represents the Company's interests in court, arbitral court, as well as in state and public organizations when dealing with legal issues.


Department conducts complex work with the staff, including the matters of motivation, recruitment, training activities and adaptation of new employees, assessment and evaluation, as well as the planning of the staff development. It informs employees about the Company activity, organization of corporate events, manages team building, creates corporate culture and is involved in HR-brand of the company.

Service department

Service department provides prompt feedback from customers of the Company, analysis of emerging issues and organization of fast solutions. In addition, the Department assesses the work of all departments of the organization involved in working with customers.


Administrative department

Administrative department provides high-quality organization and support of the workflow of all the company services.


Organization development service

Carries out a set of measures on the description and optimization of business processes in the company. Is involved in planning of harmonious development of the company. Analyzes the performance of the company and its business units. Provides up-to-date support of the company’s organizational structure.