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Company history

Private enterprise "BIG-Master" is one of the largest suppliers of toys and development games from leading manufacturers from Russia, Poland, China, Ukraine, and has exclusive rights to supply products of such brands as Zabavka TM, Trefl TM to the Republic of Belarus.

Our story began in 2001, when on June, 18 PSUE "BIG-master" was registered for wholesale trade of beer and carbonated beverages produced domestically.

Originally the company was to be called "BelIntellektGroup", but later this name was transformed into an abbreviation, BIG, which did not change the basic concept behind the title: "BIG -Master" is a team of smart, enthusiastic, honest, hardworking and persistent professionals who are real trade experts.

Initially, the company consisted of 2 people, but 2 years later (by early 2003), the company had more than 30 people with advanced department of active (wholesale) sales, and had also 18 wholesale outlets at Zhdanovichi and Expobel markets. Since 2004 "BIG - Master" enterprise consistently ranks among the top companies-distributors of beer and beverages of domestic production in Belarus.

In the late 2007 the company's management decided to start development of another business line – wholesale of children's toys. In the second half of 2008 the company structure for sales of toys was finally formed, and the company put aside the wholesale of beer and beverages, focusing on the development of the toy distribution as a more interesting and promising business.

Finishing 2008 with successful fulfillment of all the planned targets, in the early 2009 our company faced a sharp decline in the toy market in Belarus caused by economic crisis and simultaneous devaluation of the national currency. But by taking Herculean efforts to survive, preserve the place conquered at the market and the core value - professional team, the company revised its product, customer, marketing and financial policy, having studied customers and their needs carefully. The results of these efforts paid off: the company has not only retained its professional team and the conquered niche market, but also improved its positions greatly. Thus, in the first months of 2011 the company sold 2 times more toys than in the successful 2008, focusing on the new buyer preferences and individual approach to each client.

Today, the company employs more than 120 people who work in 11 departments: administration, marketing and procurement, foreign trade department, sales department for the city of Minsk and Belarus, customer service, accounting front office, finance and controlling, accounting, department of transport and logistics, warehousing department.

Our experience has taught us many things, the most important of which is the ability to listen and understand our customers. It is due to our client policy that our company has gained a reputation of an open and reliable partner. Today, our customer base includes more than 2,000 dealers and organizations with which close and mutually beneficial cooperation was established. The goods are delivered to more than 30,000 retail facilities across the Republic of Belarus.

Starting to actively expand the product mix of the offered high-quality goods in 2011, by the middle of 2013 the company has achieved results of 2500 titles, the number of which continues to grow. A continuously updated product range allows us to be "in the trend."

Thanks to the existing and well-targeted marketing strategy, the "BIG -Master" company is one of the market leaders, which by the middle of 2013 occupies about 30% of Belarusian market of children’s toys and development games.

Thanks to competently built logistics and process automation, today the company has an efficient and well-functioning system of warehousing and logistics, working closely with the sales department, for which it receives positive feedback from our customers, who often have their own individual requirements.


The future prospects the company sees as follows:

1.   Stiffening of the customer satisfaction level and their loyalty through internal improvements in the company.

2.   Expansion of the product range by means of introducing new groups of high-quality goods.

3.   Provision of customers with new products which are in demand through constant updating of product range.

4.   Increase in the quantity and quality of presence of goods at our customers by increasing the shelf space and product groups.

5.   Development of unconventional distribution channels through the development of innovative approaches to the company management.


Our company, engaged in trade, sees in the development of trade - civilized, modern, customer-oriented - a contribution to society and to the competitiveness, wealth and prestige of our country.


The company logo is represented by an allegorical image of ships traveling forward at dawn under full sail, confidently holding the course in rough seas. Well-equipped, with holds full of goods, with a reliable and professional team, these ships are confidently going forward to the target.

This is US!


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