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About our сompany

Children's toys for the company «BIG-Master» - is not just a product that we sell. Our task consists in providing the market of interesting, high-quality, certified (safety of children is on the first place!) goods from the leading factories of China, Poland, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine.


The widest assortment

Assortment of goods we offer includes more than 3000 units and is constantly growing. We can offer you toys and educational games for the kids and for school-age children, presented in various price categories. We offer only certified in the Republic of Belarus toys, have passed sanitary registration, imported in our country with officially paying all customs duties. Parents who grant toys to their children, can be assured of ecological purity of the used materials and in decent quality of our toys.

Perfect service

Our company is constantly improving service for our customers. Loyal discount system and deferrals of payment, free shipping on Belarus, training of retail stores sellers, free provision of trade equipment, support of each batch of goods by paking-sheet, that significantly facilitates the acceptance of goods and excludes re-grading, work through sales representatives, who on place in your store will consult of assortment and help you make an order, trained team of merchandisers - all of that makes the job with our company convenient and profitable.

Deliveries all over the world

We are the first and exclusive importers of toys from manufacturers of Russia, Ukraine, Poland, South Korea, China and another countries. The products we represent are already well known in our country, recognizable, it has a stable high demand, bringing a good income for our customers. Experts of our company carefully scan the world market of children's toys on the subject of the appearance of new products and take all measures to ensure that they were on sale as early as possible. Also the company "BIG-Master" is an exclusive representative in the Republic of Belarus of TM Zabavka, the sales leader in Ukraine in the segment of educational games for children of preschool and school age; TM LORI - the sales leader in Russia in the same market segment; TM TREFL - the sales leader of puzzles in Europe.

Interesting goods

Only interesting goods! We don`t offer toys, that wouldn`t have bought ourselves for our children. We play with every toy! And then pitilessly keep out uninteresting and questionable samples before the beginning of sales, at the level of procurement, talking with our customers and constantly change our assortment in a better way. With our toys kids will never be bored and lonely. This is what provides to our customers the maximum income at the sale of children's toys.